Updating r4ds ii to iii upgrade

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Slot-2 (or first-generation) devices have been historically cheaper due to economies of scale (inherited from their use with Game Boy Advance), but require a booting tool in Slot-1 in order to use the touch screen and other DS features.

Second-generation devices (those which only use Slot-1) do not work with GBA homebrew, but as of 2007 became less expensive and easier to use, rivaling many Slot-2 devices in price.

The orginal R4 is still for sale, but a few clones have popped up on the scene that supports the bigger micro SD card like the 4GB, 8GB and 32GB micro SDHC!

Updating your flash cartridge only takes a few minutes and it does not do anything to the device.

Some strangers who do not worry about lending their device to other strangers may help you out.

First-generation devices include GBA flash cartridges, GBAMP CF, Super Card, and M3.

Second-generation devices include R4 Revolution, Cyclo DS, G6 Real and DS-X.

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