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Da, știu, vrei să-i transmiți cât e de minunată și cum soarele pălește în comparație cu ea.

În schimb, la primele like-uri la poze de acum juma’ de an, tot ce vei reuși să obții va fi o sprânceană ridicată și întrebări de genul .

In Delaware, Moore has been charged with attempting to transfer obscene material to a minor, sexual solicitation of a child under 18, and providing obscene material to a minor.

In Broward County, Florida, he faces charges of attempted production of child pornography, attempted receipt of child pornography and using a computer to persuade, entice or coerce a minor to engage in a sex act.

An August 2013 notice carried in a local newspaper said that he had married Claudine Crusita Montes, 21, of Dangriga, Stann Creek.

According to The Tampa Tribune, Thompson said in court Wednesday upon his sentencing that he never acted inappropriately towards any child when he was a teacher, and he claimed he never would have acted on his chats with the girls in Belize.

Or if you’re feeling romantic just pull your underpants down to your knees, or if you’re a girl pull your top up and put your bra on top of your boobs so they look a bit like flip-up sunglasses for tits. If you’re a man you may want to pull your legs right up as far as they will go, and then put your feet either side of your computer so the webcam can see your balls going up and down and stuff. We all need a different amount of hands to help us achieve sexual satisfaction, usually the rule is one for boys and two for girls so they they can touch their boobs as well as their noo noo. If you’re going to do this then make sure you get their age, sex and location – from experience this will help you find them a lot faster than getting a plane to their country and then going to their house and rifling through their bins and then having a stand up argument with their father on the lawn and then apologising a lot and crying.

După ce-am râs cu lacrimi citindu-le, mi-am dat seama că treaba e îmbulinată rău și mulți dintre bărbați se cred încă în epoca de piatră, atunci când cel mai la îndemână mod de a-ți arăta simpatia pentru o femelă a tribului tău era să-i arzi preventiv o ghioagă peste șale, s-o apuci de păr și s-o târăști la tine în peșteră, unde urmau partidele de sex unilateral consimțit.

Moore, who is 37, has been locked up since November, and has pleaded not guilty.

Moore told investigators he had sexually explicit online communication with about 10 teenage girls.

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