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These lessons will teach the most important aspects to make mosques more accessible for new Muslims.

By Imam Kamil Mufti Published on - Last modified on Sutrah - a barrier a person puts in front of him while praying. A person must not rush to catch up prayer that is in progress at entering the masjid, because the Prophet forbade rushing in such a situation.

Prophet Muhammad said: “If the prayer started, then do not join it running, but join it walking and do it calmly, and pray whatever you caught up with, and make up for what you missed.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim) If a Muslim arrives late to a prayer, he should say “Allahu Akbar” and join the congregation.

It is appropriate to join the back row and fill in all the spaces.

If there is no more room, then a new row should start directly behind the imam, and more latecomers fill out to the right and to the left. During the congregational prayer, there is no good reason for making a lot of noise while people are trying to pray, yet conversations can sometimes be heard during the prayer!

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