Fernando colunga married dating hard hitting dating questions

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So even though he has dated the beauty for a while, he didn't give it to her at a special price. The Miami house is in one of the most exclusive parts of the city, and the house was in excellent condition.The house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a minibar.

In 1995-1996 Fernando got his first starring role opposite Thalia in the telenovela "Maria la del barrio" giving life to Luis Fernando de la Vega.This week "Suelta La Sopa" caught Colunga and Soto kissing.In a video release on the Telemundo gossip show Colunga is seen wearing sweatpants and getting off the vehicle at the airport in Miami.He is a charmer among ladies, especially because of his lustful eyes, machismo and sex appeal and is considered to be one of the all times sexy actors.Born on the March of 1966, he is currently 49 years of age, but has not lost the charm and charisma that he always had with him.

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