Ariel and john ponts dating

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Maybe set in a rugged place where pilots would be challenged by weather, treacherous terrain, lack of amenities, and extreme cold?

And perhaps there'd be a lot of drama because of the weather challenges; a cool pilot, who is their revered leader; a happy, hardworking family; and maybe some humor from an offbeat heroine? is Discovery Channel’s answer to an aviation prayer: a show that reveals the excitement, drama, and community that exemplifies general aviation.

At the end of the season, during the Top 25 Moments Episode, Ariel appears again after the Johns reveal Ariel is their favorite moment of the season.

Henson asks her if she has been kissed, to which she not replies and only gives the public a "maybe" look.

In Bethel, construction crews race to finish ERA's newest hangar before the unforgiving winter snows arrive.

She was the first shown to clear the Big Balls, but is more famous for her blooper on the Pole Vault, where she couldn't spot the 30' pole that was right in front of her.

Follow the journey of 8 rusty pilots as they seek to be both current and proficient aviators.

During the harsh winter of Canada's Northwest Territory, remote villages and work camps are cut off from the world.

With no freeway system for hundreds of miles, Era Alaska is the lifeline for the isolated rural inhabitants of the Bering Sea coastline.She leaves the stage by doing her Alaska dance she also did on the qualifier.Photography courtesy of Discovery Channel What if there was a television show that showcased general aviation flying?In the series finale, after 30 years of running Era Alaska, Jim Tweto sets his eye on a new path.Doug loses all avionics while flying over the North Slope.

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